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About Hand In Hand

"This program is designed for single men looking for a true life partner who is handsome, significantly younger, educated, is unspoiled by materialism and whose culture is one of support & respect."

Come to Prague with us..

Ours is one of the most innovative personal dating and introduction services programs in the world. Thousands of desirable men, who are serious about a relationship , have contacted us at our Eastern European offices. They would like to meet men from other countries, and become part of their culture. This program is designed to help these men, and you, reach your ultimate objective - love, happiness and mutual admiration.

Unspoiled by materialism... that radical notion that men are people

Our clients don't travel with us simply to find men. After all, you meet men everywhere. Our clients travel with us to meet the right person. Czech men are unspoiled by materialism, and their culture is one of support for their partners. That is why we are the world's leading personal dating and introduction services.

See for yourself...

You will look forward to meeting our men, where you'll feel the tremendous "energy" the very moment you meet them. The men waiting to meet you will be handsome, friendly, and sincere. You will be able to meet and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere where you can really get to know each other. When you meet that special person, the chemistry will be unmistakable. You may immediately choose to spend a romantic evening together.

Why this works...
The men are looking to enrich their lives. The main reason that Czech men wish to meet gentlemen from other countries is to find a lasting and secure relationship, which, for economic reasons, is not available, to them. Politics and economics have taken a toll on their men, and the men are looking elsewhere for a brighter future. Language is not a barrier as all of the men speak English.
Proud of him...
You will be proud of your Czech Partner. He will be attractive, educated, warm and down to earth. His expectations will be reasonable and will marvel at the material things you take for granted. Being naturally affectionate he will be a true joy to live with.
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